August 30, 2012

Child of Glass

To our minds, there's a whole lot of legitimacy conveyed by something's being released simultaneously on both Burger Records and The Sounds of Sweet Nothing (a British off kilter pop label responsible for releases with Gross Magic and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, just to name the most recognizable). By now we're pretty accustomed to getting monthly, near-random press emails from various entities involved in collaborative releases with Burger, the LA-area record store and definitive garage-pop imprint... released "whenever" on vinyl by "XXX" and cassette by "Burger Records" is becoming pretty familiar. So, we've been pretty excited to dig into their debut LP, Age Waves, with San Francisco multi-instrumentalist Sam Flax. Notions of "legitimacy" seem appropriate to the release; thematically the album is very much concerned with the perception of art, "high and low culture . . . pop and avant-garde...", according to their press release. "Child of Glass" is more personal, with Flax singing about disappointment over mellow disco-pop, big guitars, funky grooves, and more hand claps than you can shake a stick at. I wouldn't say this of his entire debut album, but "Child of Glass" is sure to garner some positive Washed Out comparisons, though I'd probably opt for Flax's heavier disco vibe any day.

Stream: Sam Flax - Child of Glass

Age Waves is available on limited edition 12" vinyl from The Sounds of Sweet Nothing and, until it sold out recently, cassette from Burger Records.

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