August 28, 2012

Chrome Lips

It has finally arrived! Since the start of the summer I've been excited for the release of Haleek Maul & Supreme Cuts' joint mixtape venture titled Chrome Lips. Today Мишка finally made the unveil and it sounds fantastic. The tape features Maul getting as dark and thoughtful as ever, while Supreme Cuts provide their cave-like ambiance over otherwise explosive beats that I've come to love them for. The tape also has features from Deniro Farrar, Tree, Kool A.D., and Green Ova's very own Shady Blaze, Mondre M.A.N., and Squadda B, leaving no shortage of killer tracks on Chrome Lips. It's about 4.20 here on the east coast, so go ahead and get ready, then turn your speakers all the way up and press play. Now get ratchet.

Stream/Download: Haleek Maul & Supreme Cuts - Chrome Lips

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