August 16, 2012


Adam Griffin, a sometimes contributor to Chicago synth-pop heroes Golden Birthday (I like the duality that Blake Gillespie identifies with them; "lover's rock" and "astral sentiment") and a member of the more dramatically synth-led Night Gallery, introduced himself to us the other day with word of an album and a first single, "Chrysanthemum". The album he's taken to calling Ephemera, inspired by Griffin's fascination with a collection of antique ephemera housed at a Manhattan prop house he used to work for. "...a vast archive of antique letters, envelopes, greeting cards, postcards, playbills, diaries, ledgers, brochures, ticket stubs and calendars", he calls it, also mentioning a smaller collection of materials from interior designer Edward Wormley. I can't help but imagine drawer after drawer of tiny furniture when I think in relation to Wormley, but I imagine whatever they've got is less traditionally collectible, "wink wink" (napkin design sketches?).

Beyond what the word "ephemera" says about the composition of his album, the story that Ephemera itself tells is, like the ephemera that inspired its name, transitional; an unwinding relationship, a relocation, and assorted career decisions. All of those sentiments are told to some extent in "Chrysanthemum", more intimate and truly personal sounding fare than Golden Birthday, with whom Adam's music shares some superficial similarity. Primarily, it is lyrically beautiful pop, catchy and animated by a mind that found novelty amidst distress.

Stream/Download: Adam Griffin Band - Chrysanthemum
Check out more of Adam's music on the Adam Griffin Band soundcloud.

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