August 3, 2012


You know it's a good week when High Pop releases a brand-new album. Hip Hip Hooray is the longest release of theirs yet, and it really showcases their growth since Hippie Speed Ball came out last summer; it's a bit less harsh, and slightly more happy, which I suppose is to be expected given the album cover and name. Packed with short tracks that pair pretty harmonies with metallic reverb, the album also seems to explore a more varied crop of vocal styles and experimental / instrumental segments than their previous material. Overall, Hip Hip Hooray is exciting proof that High Pop is just going to keep getting better and better as they mature as a band. Check out "Crawl" below, one of the more vocal-centric and poppy tracks on the album.

MP3: High Pop - Crawl
You can pay what you like for Hip Hip Hooray here.

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