August 29, 2012

Dan Deacon iPhone App

I did not anticipate writing up two separate apps in one day when I awoke this morning, but technology is crazy y'all. In terms of sheer creativity, Dan Deacon & Wham City's new iPhone/Android app may be the coolest app I've seen. Its function is to interact with Dan Deacon's live show by using the LED, screen, and micrphone as visual and audible aids. The app works without wi-fi or data, and that's where it starts blowing my mind. The only other way I can conceive the app working is it using the microphone to pick up audio data and interact with it that way. Pretty fucking cool if I may say so myself. Watch the trailer above to get a more complete idea of the app, and iPhone/Android users can click below to download it.

Download: Dan Deacon App (iPhone; Android)

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