August 16, 2012

Death of Utopia

That beautiful dude up there is the housing (pun intended) for Lillerne Tapes' second compilation album that they released on cassette a few weeks ago; the packaging artwork is by Edie Fake, and is said to be "an amazing interpretation of Lillerne HQ". Lillerne Compilation #2 is 22 tracks long and features artists from Lillerne's catalog (Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Scammers, Gelatin Kids, etc), as well as some new folks that I'm really excited to hear more from. I must admit, after the first time through a new compilation album, I usually only continue to listen to a handful of tracks from it later on. This was not the case with this mixtape — its tracklist blends genres and tones of songs so perfectly that I found myself listening to it all the way through multiple times in a row, daily. Honestly, it's even hard to pick just a few of the tracks to mention, but I'll do my best, just for you guys. Free Weed's "Sublime Frequently" is a short, upbeat song with wobbly guitar and perfectly-effected vocals, Magnetophonique's track "Late Night TV" is an ambient piece that takes on a strangely hypnotizing washing-machine vibe, and Casino Gardens' "I Wrote a Song Today" is a delightful, sanguine hop with idiosyncratic vocals and signature retro snarl. "Uncharacter" by Richard Album is a Talking Heads-esque track with a little surf rock tinge, and last but not least, "Death of Utopia" by Chicago's Bomb Banks is a slice of howling, beat-driven garage-punk that's really not to be missed. Lillerne Compilation #2 manages to expertly weave together instrumental junctures reminiscent of static-filled televisions, fuzzy 4track pop jams, and jangly rock excursions that bring to mind basements and old sofas. A perfect soundtrack to round out your summer and bring you closer to fall.

MP3: Bomb Banks - Death of Utopia
MP3: Magnetophonique - Late Night TV

Unfortunately the tape (with its awesomely huge plastic case) is sold out, but you can still download the whole compilation for free right here.

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