August 1, 2012

Deli Days

Son of Salami is Joey Pizza Slice and he lives in Vermont and makes music "on a Portable Tape Recorder, from which the Erase Head was removed, allowing for overdubbing (at the cost of not being able to hear the music being you're recording over as you record)," or so sayeth the liner notes. "However, the vocals on Black Woman were recorded digitally just as a sort of fuck you to the whole process." The songs on Deli Days are simple and catchy, like the songs you might make up and sing to yourself when you're bored, like, Feeling good. Fat City! Feeling fine. Fat City! and I want to drink your children's blood. They all along on a cheap synth path, pre-programmed rhythm tracks, and there are some trampy vamp back-up vocals here and there. You can actually hear the dude's thumbs fumble on the bulky plastic buttons of the boom box, and there's a song called "I Never Want 2 Take Acid Again." Again, Joey Pizza Slice is Son of Salami

Night People have it on cassette. And there's an LP called A Study in Eraser Headless Tape Recording at Feeding Tube

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