August 1, 2012

Disciple Fix

My favorite Brooklyn-via-Wilmington cuties, SoftSpot, have just announced their debut full-length record, Enso. The album is set to drop as a self-release on September 4, and is entirely a wonder in itself. Enso is set up so that you can potentially play it on loop forever if you'd like, and after only listening to the opening single, "Disciple Fix", you may just go ahead and decide that's what you want. The track starts with churning drums and fast-plucked guitar, while vocalist Sarah Kinlaw quickly comes in with softly sung lyrics of self-discovery. As the song builds it crescendos into a fast-paced beauty that is entirely moving, leaving us practically salivating for more. Fortunately the record drops in just over a month.

Stream: SoftSpot - Disciple Fix (single edit)
Enso drops September 4 as a self-release (presumably through the group's bandcamp.)

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