August 11, 2012


Hexagon Recordings is one of those tightly focused labels that with its new-age futurist aesthetic begins to take on the pleasant character of a librarian or an archivist; plain type, that sporting hexagon-within-a-hexagon logo up there, and the appearance of a faded print-out. That they've used scanned j-cards for their internet media only emphasizes the sensation; anyone could have bought the copy whose j-card represented them all on Glorious Mother Internet, but no one need ever know. Though their focus is on ambient and drone music, the label's whole output is less "blissed out" than the color palette and cover art on this particular j-card suggests. Distances introduces the project of Hexagon co-founder Leonce Nelson, a sometimes New Orleans tinkerer-with electronic music whose orientation toward ambient music brought him together with the-like-mind of Will Burnett, who records in Texas as Datavis. Though Leonce has since taken Forgotten Light in a slightly darker direction, on another tape called Window, this earlier outing is tremendously bright, two twenty-minute long cycles that reach a height of "blissed" synths, giving way occasionally to a dissonance that other Hexagon releases engage with more significantly. The label's copy for the release lovingly calls it "furniture music" and the unique, expository sub-titles included with every Hexagon release offers more information on Nelson's composition. Snuck into the middle of the text block on Distances' j-card flap, this snippet reads: "To Compliment a Public or Private Space". Leonce expanded on that idea and how the tape was made in a message...
"I wrote [Distances] as two long form ambient pieces meant to compliment a space . . . it's made from microsamples of classical music that I passed through different effects until they became the foggy tape music that they are now."
MP3: Forgotten Light - Clairvoyance (Sample)
Purchase Distances on cassette from Hexagon Recordings.

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