August 2, 2012

Dozen Dream

It's been a few years since I last heard Br'er. At the time the project was simply founding member Benjamin Schurr fleshing out unused songs from another project. Over time Schurr became attached to these new songs and began to turn them into albums and live shows, adding new members to the project (and working with dozens of others) along the way. Since then they've continually altered and tweaked their sound, possibly looking for perfection. Their newest release is a 'virtual 7"' from EverythingIsChemical that sees Br'er the most goth I've heard from them. The single opens with a cover of Throbbing Gristle's "Persuasion", featuring Gabrielle Smith's beautifully ethereal vocals taking the front seat entirely. After "Persuasion" follows two new originals that are so dark it hurts and so beautiful it warms the soul at the same time. "Dozen Dreams" hears Schurr and Smith both singing of being able to save someone only in a dream, and then stating that it's only in the dream that they're worth saving. Next, in "Empathy" we hear the line "you have wronged the one I love, and I will track you down and kill you," repeated with utmost sincerity. It's a somewhat bleak statement that possibly shows Schurr at his most vulnerable. Then again, is it not true of any of us that it pains us most to see our loved ones hurt? All three tracks are astoundingly charming for being so dark, already demanding repeat listens from me this morning.

Stream/Download: Br'er virtual 7"

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