August 9, 2012

Dub Sessions Volume 2

Fletcher Pratt runs Midori Records in Winnipeg, through which much of his extensive back catalog has been released. Though Midori is a tremendous imprint, I can't claim much familiarity with that work. This great feature on Noisey is illuminating - Pratt's own output in the experimental cassette/CD-R scene has clearly been as varied as the diverse offerings in Midori's discography, no doubt encouraged by his day job as an "electronics technician for CBC radio". However, the two Dub Sessions tapes he's done for fellow Canadian Chris Jacques' imprint Dub Ditch Picnic, I've come to know fairly well. To some extent each can be said to reflect a "slowed down" progression across the whole variety Pratt's collected output describes, but Volume 2, just lately released on Dub Ditch, is a much more beat oriented outing than its predecessor, replacing an intermittent darkness with a gentler suite of samples and re-structuring to replace elements of jazz with more structured exercises. Having said that, if dub is your thing, you'll love this; plenty of "experimental dub" comes out sounding like some oblique ordering of dub sounds over top of a dense abstracted backdrop, which I have many times loved, though it sacrifices those ever wonderous "riddims" that say dub to most people. Perhaps those digressions are best understood as part of the coming out of dub; from a sub-genre to the multi-faceted, sometimes messy situation we've got today. Either way, Pratt's tunes would be a nice accompaniment while you formed an assessment. 

MP3: Fletcher Pratt - Huge Dub
Though Dub Sessions Volume 1 is long sold out, you can grab Volume 2 right here. As much as it might be fun to fabricate a relationship with science fiction author Fletcher Pratt, I have no reason to believe I would have any basis for doing that.

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