August 2, 2012

Even Floating Islands Fall

You know you're dealing with a unique record when it takes a couple of days work to hear it; none of my file archiving software would extract I am no longer alone with myself and can only artificially recall the scary and beautiful feeling of solitude, the first EP from experimental composer Silent Land Time Machine, following on his more briefly named debut &hope still. Believe it or not though, WinRAR and their like have character limits that were preventing mp3s titled "full band name + full album name + full track title" from extracting. Admittedly, some ideas are harder to express without complete articulation. In spite of myself, I'm a little anxious about this one because I'm not 100% sure if I know the exact "scary and beautiful feeling of solitude" in question (I suspect it is many experiences), which might leave me at an existential disadvantage. Maybe I've got too many different ideas of "solitude". Nonetheless, mp3s successfully got and the album clearly justified the - ultimately very minimal (aren't I melodramatic) - effort. Self-described as "turbulent", I particularly like the word for talking about - I'll just write I am no longer alone... - in relation to &hope still, which also made extensive use of strings. I'm tempted to think it may have been to less effect, for me at least. I am no longer alone... is more tense, made arresting by its unconventional configuration of numerous instrumental parts, building swells on the precise dragging of bow across string alongside distorted vocal choruses and electronic flourishes. I am no longer alone... is ultimately the product of one man's genius - Jon "Slade" he purports to be - and a more than sixteen month long immersion in recording, layering various instrumental parts until this magical, sometimes unhinged opus emerged.

Silent Land Time Machine - Even Floating Islands Fall
Silent Land Time Machine - An Own to One's Room
Buy I am no longer alone... on limited edition clear vinyl from Austin, TX's Indian Queen Records, the home imprint of Jon "Slade" (that is the name I've been given), aka Silent Land Time Machine. Presuming you like this sort of textural ambient music, I think the album's having a track titled "An Own to One's Room" is a high recommendation, almost reason enough to buy on its own. Emphasis on the high, though. Incidentally, Mr. "Slade" also spends some time with Lumens doing vocals and co-manages Holodeck Records.

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