August 7, 2012


To everyone interested in new media and the way we interact with computers and digital worlds, the work of New York artist Tabor Robak is essential. A favorite of the forward-thinking art website Rhizome and artists such as Jon Rafman and Cory Arcangel who work in similar tech-art related fields, Robak has been known to program digital environments, which ostensibly function as video games but could also be seen as a new terrain of interactive digital art. In previous Robak works, such as Carbon and the completely flooring BNPJ.exe, the user is thrust into a surrealist environment where the goals are not certain, and the cultural references often absurd (BNPJ.exe included things like Terminator heads and Donkey Kong Country music.) And yet the player feels compelled to explore these completely gripping and wonderfully odd enviornments, admiring them for their beauty while wondering what it all really symbolizes. Today sees the release of Robak's latest project, EXO, a fully-realized downloadable digital environment made to compliment the release of New York electronic act Gatekeeper's latest album EXO, released July 17th on Hippos in Tanks. Each environment is tied to a song off the record, and as expected, the worlds Robak creates in this program are deliciously weird and beautifully rendered and are a statement of everything that I think draws people to get lost in gaming to begin with. Can't recommend this highly enough. Download the game here and stream Gatekeeper's EXO album below.

Stream: Gatekeeper - Exo

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