August 24, 2012

Fall 4 U

Oxford producer Hugo Manuel - aka sultry throwback artist Chad Valley - is a man who clearly knows the sound he's going for. On 2011's Equatorial Ultravox, Manuel blended late-night Balearic beats and soaring, Sade-ish vox into a stunningly produced collection of atmospheric tunes, one that sat leagues above most other island-life synth-pop records floating around at the time. Today he's back with a new cut from his upcoming record Young Hunger (out 10/31 on Cascine), the heartbreaking slow burner "Fall 4 U" which features some lovely guest vox from Cameron Mesirow of Glasser. If you think your emotional baggage can handle it, stream this beauty below.

Stream: Chad Valley (feat Glasser)- Fall 4 U

Young Hunger will be out October 30 via Cascine (US) and 11/19 on Loose Lips (EU)

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