August 23, 2012

We're already professed fans of Bristol-based clothing company African Apparel. Dwight recently shared Cleon Peterson's "The Brinksman" design for the label, and he also conducted an interview with the company's founder for the debut issue of Decoder Magazine. (Issue 1 has hit some snags in production and timing, but we can assure you that it will be finally hitting doorsteps across the globe very soon.) Yesterday African Apparel debuted a new design, titled BVRZVM, seen above. I have no clue if the shirt is a reference to dark producer ѦRMѦHИI VѦN BVRZVM or even Norwegian black metal band Burzum, but either way you can also check out the former's E U L O G Y 4 S E L E N A G O M E Z below. I'm in love with the inverted Bambi design on the tee, and if you're equally smiten you can pick one up now here.

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