August 30, 2012

Teen Witch is a graphic artist who typically specializes in that meta realm where everything digital is real and everything real is a joke. You might have also noticed him looking fancy in some new Мишка gear as part of their Fall ’12 lookbook. He recently released a limited t-shirt run of the above design, and as of last night has he has about 20 left. The price feels a bit steep because I'm incredibly poor, but I really like the t-shirt and its "Feel Good Forever, Dude" motto. I read on tumblr recently that a kid was told to change his shirt for wearing this to school, which is truly a bummer because were it Bart kissing a girl I'm sure no one would have given a fuck. So I guess what I'm saying is; wear this shirt because assholes might be deterred from you. That's power.

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