August 1, 2012


Herbcraft will have a new album out this fall/winter on Woodsist called The Astral Body Electric. I asked Matt LaJoie, the main man behind the band, if it was a nod to Weather Report and he said, No, Ray Bradbury (not to mention Walt Whitman). It'll be the first major outing of Herbcraft as a full band, and LaJoie says the sounds will be heavy and full. For those who can't wait to get a taste, Julia Dream Recordings of England has offered up an apéritif in the way of a limited edition cassette, Flowering. Unlike Herbcraft's earlier offerings, this one has drums, and they bring a semblance of structure to the band's cosmic wanderings that allows them, ironically, to wander further into cosmos. You can really hear Hawkwind's influence here, especially on the driving track "Magic Carpet Ride Hallucination No.4." Hawkwind had a way of taking a swift rhythm and tripping it out with all kinds of outer space sounds, and that's happening here, albeit in a distinctly wintery Maine hippy commune kind of way. The guitar work is some of the best I've heard all year. It ranges from tarot cards to sunrises over the pyramids to drum circles to fever dreams to black-light posters of pouncing tigers to the outer cloudy nebulae of Alpha Centauri.

Fewer than 69 remain. There some at Time-Lag Records. Or you can snag one direct with an email to the Herbcrafter himself, at lanimaux [@] gmail [dot] com.

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