August 29, 2012

Follow (Memory Tapes Remix)

Brooklyn-based or not, one of my favorite records of the summer for traveling around Raleigh has consistently been Oshin, from reverbed-out oceanic youth DIIV. Nearly every song off that disc is a gem, and even b-sides like "Big Joke" and their cover of the Kurt Cobain demo, "Bambi Slaughter," have been getting steady play from me. A new remix of the band's song "Follow" is out from New Jersey synthwave producer Dayve Hawk a.k.a. Memory Tapes, and it's very much worth a listen. Hawk combines the track with a hooky Heavenly Beat-ish beat and tasty original guitar work for a remix that stands tall next to the O.G. track. Stream this hotness below.

Stream: DIIV - Follow (Memory Tapes Remix)
OSHIN is out now via Captured Tracks.

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