August 31, 2012

From in the Grass

The last time we wrote about Breatherholes, regarding the mysterious scrawled-over cassette pictured below, he seemed a shade more enigmatic; now he's got himself a soundcloud page and a tumblr. I gather from the picture above, he must - at least at some point - have had espresso. Whether or not the change suits him, it and the design of his new tape Come Home are both more readily engaged with. On this occasion I can reference a lyric sheet as it plays, but instead I study it and read ahead. Come Home is episodic, describing what sounds like a rural youth full of romance, nature, drugs, and momentousness. Recorded simply with guitar, some goodly effected vocals, and the suite of instruments above, it sounds poignant and alive enough that I'm drawn in. Like watching Daria and knowing no high school story really ends as well for any of us as it might. Come Home is the same angsty pilgrim's progress, well documented in the stories of its observational lyrics. Now resident in Austin, TX, Lew (otherwise known as Breatherholes) describes his beginnings:
"I was born in pennsylvania in the very early '80s and started playing guitar on the kitchen floor in the mid '90s quickly moving up into the bedroom then down into the basement."
Like the universe in his songs, Lew's youthful musicianship seems very civilized; he moved from the floor in the mid '90s, thence to the bedroom, and still a further degree away into the basement. In between those basement days and now, Lew lost and regained touch with the guitar, played in other bands, but now he lives "in a room in a house on a street where" he's preparing a new album. So watch out, sport's fans. Stream his new song "From in the Grass" below and enjoy a picture of the tape that greeted us when we opened Lew's first package, years ago... I think my wife and I had just been dating for a little bit by then.

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