August 20, 2012

Get Lost

I've been jamming fine to Trash Kids' Get Lost LP all summer long and only just realized last week that I never told y'all about it. Trash Kids is the collaborative project of Tyler Koykas (Show Your Teeth, formerly The Parallax View) and Timothy Ward (messedupcoyote). The duo craft dizzying electronic pop bangers that are weirder than your grandma's mason jar collection. The duo fantastically blend pop ideals with hip-hop and grunge aesthetics to create something that sounds famliar and refreshing at the same time. They also released an eponymous EP a couple of weeks ago filled with stellar beats, so give that one a whirl as you go.

Stream/Download: Trash Kids - Get Lost
Get Lost is also available on cassette via Woozy Tribe.
Trash Kids - Trash Kids

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