August 2, 2012

goKU SHit

A month ago I turned you on to Mandola Jayebe and his already large collection of EPs released this year. From start to finish the EPs show Jayebe's rapid evolution as a rapper, and it appears Jayebe doesn't intend on slowing down his output or growth anytime soon. The newest EP is a five-track slow burner titled goKU SHit, featuring massive production from HeyeFade, Jay Beatz, Kasper Dahmer and FoxxSwag. There's also a pretty rad feature from female MC Gabbie Giftsz, whom I'd not heard of before the track, though I'd definitely call myself a fan now. As you might surmise from the title, this one is dedicated more to loud bowl packs than it is Dragon Ball, so just relax and puff puff listen.

Stream/Download: Mandola Jayebe - goKU SHit

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