August 16, 2012

I'll Be Good

Sydney-based solo artist Joshua Gibbs, aka Setec, is a new name to me, but I don't need New Weird Australia's (totally agreeable) press copy to easily fit him into the burgeoning generation of new producers tailoring their technique to an organic synthesis of electronic composition with more traditional instruments and textural samples in a pop framework. With the role of vocals and the extent of immersion in the novel moments that heavy sampling creates, Setec has found a strong balance that compliments the cadence and character of his voice, bringing it loudly to the fore or allowing it recede; in both situations either situated at the center of ordered sample conflagrations on repeat or, less dramatically, keeping a jaunty pace with their separate machinations. 

Setec - I'll Be Good
Setec - Vowel of Owl
Being a sample freak, my favorite tracks emphasize that element in his compositions, but the rest of his latest EP, l'll Be Good, should bear me out. It comes courtesy of New Weird Australia, who've issued it as a free digital release on their imprint Wood & Wire. Download the entire thing here or just click on the cover art below.

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