August 30, 2012

Letter of Intent: Hopscotch Music Fest '12

In just one week the third annual Hopscotch Fest will kick off in Raleigh, and we're pretty damn excited over here at Decoder. David, Audrey and I will all be on hand covering shows and creating mayhem. I've put together my own personal schedule of sorts to attempt seeing every band I want to see over the weekend, so I figure it might be swell of me to share that with you. I'm missing out on Thursday night's activities as I'll be showing art here in Wilmington, but I'll be heading up to Raleigh first thing Friday morning, and I've decided to include a rundown of how Thursday would go for me were I there. Stay with us after the jump for my full "letter of intent", as well as a more concise schedule listing of my key shows to hit closer to the bottom, just after the jump.

[Gross Ghost @ Hopscotch '11]
So assuming I was going to be at Hopscotch on the first night, my first stop would be Memorial Auditorium to catch Young Magic at 9pm. I saw them last Winter in Chapel Hill and was completely mesmerized by their live haunts. No one at Hopscotch should miss this show. Then I'd prance my fancy self over to see Gross Ghost at Berkley Cafe at 10pm. Gross Ghost is  one of my absolute favorite garage rock outfits getting scuzzy lately, and their live show only seems to get better with every show I catch. Next up I'd be popping back over to Memorial Auditorium, where I'd be spending a great deal of time were I in Raleigh on Thursday, to catch some of Deerhoof's two-hour set that also kicks off at 10pm. Then after about 20 minutes my intentions would be to head back to Berkley Cafe to catch Boy Friend at 11pm. Next would be Cities Aviv at the Pour House, though it's a tough choice seeing them over Screaming Females at Lincoln Theatre. After Cities Aviv I'd pop over to Long View Center at midnight to catch some of Julia Holter's set. Then I'd flip a coin to figure out if I was seeing Thee Oh Sees at Contemporary Art Museum, or Trash Talk at Lincoln Theatre, before heading back to Memorial Auditorium one final time to close out the night with Liars.

[Last Year's Men @ Hopscotch '11]
I plan on getting to Raleigh late Friday morning, so hopefully I won't miss any of the killer day party festivities, which is good since their are four parties I'm hoping to hit up. All of the parties go from around noon to five. There's the Love Language & Friends BBQ Jam + HOOPscotch going on at Contemporary Art Museum. Obviously LL will be playing a set, as well as Lonnie Walker. Over at Deep South the Blurt Magazine homies will be teaming with Schoolkids Records to bring us Jenny Besetzt, The Toddlers and Gross Ghost amongst a slew of badass rockers. Last Year's Men, will undoubtedly put on one of my favorite shows of the weekend when they blow the roof off Slim's during the Churchkey Records party. Lastly, my dudes Libraries will be representing Wilmington in all their glory along with Juan Juevos, Miss Eaves and a few other Grip Tapes beauties during their Daywalker Disco at the Hive.

[A crowded Raleigh City Plaza @ Hopscotch '12]
Friday's official festivities kick off at 5:45pm in the Raleigh City Plaza with Zammuto. I'm not typically a huge fan of the City Plaza shows, but there isn't a whole lot else going on during this time, and Built to Spill go on at 6:55, followed by The Jesus and Mary Chain at 8:45, so that should be pretty rad. After Jesus and Mary Chain I plan on heading over to Berkley Cafe to catch Big Troubles at 10pm. At 10:30 Wowser Bowser will be flooding Contemporary Art Museum with a confetti of danceable sounds. It's after this point that I run into my first real conundrum of not just two artists I want to see playing at the same time, but three. Yo La Tengo will be rocking Memorial Auditorium, Azure Ray will be at Long View, and Roomrunner will be running the room (of course that pun was intended!) at Tir Na Nog. I'll probably just flip a three-sided coin to figure this one out, before running into the exact same problem again at 11:30. This time the toss up is between Hundred Waters at Contemporary Art Museum, Co La at Five Star, or Zola Jesus at Lincoln Theatre. This will be a supremely tough choice because I have been dying to see all three live for some time now, so I will likely make it in the last minute and regret not seeing the other act(s). At midnight Valient Thorr will bring down the infrastructure at Tir Na Nog, and at 12:30 I will hit my third triple conundrum of the night. Ital will be closing out the evening at Five Star, while Killer Mike gets everyone live at Lincoln Theatre, and Dan Deacon will be slaying the Pour House while everyone uses that neat app that he just released. I'll be seeing Killer Mike here in Wilmington this October, so at least I can switch back to my regular coin flipping for this one.

[Woodsman @ Hopscotch '11]
Saturday has some pretty killer day party options, including another chance to catch Last Year's Men at the WXYC party. Lonnie Walker will also be making a second appearance, along with Woodsman, at the Phuzz Phest Saturday Shredstorm going down at the Hive. I'll probably be taking this afternoon a bit more lightly after killing myself running around on Friday. This is realism.

[The Pour House exterior @ Hopscotch '11]
Kicking things off on Saturday at Raleigh City Plaza is Shirlette & The Dynamite Brothers. I've been told that Juan Juevos will be making a special appearance at this show, and Shirlette will also be helping out during Juan's set Friday. After that is Escort, and then finally The Roots at 8:30pm. I've barely missed The Roots on three separate occasions now, so hopefully this will be the day I finally catch them live. At 9pm The Toddlers will be playing at the Hive, so depending on whether or not I get enough of them on Friday, I might have to break away from the Roots a bit early. After The Toddlers, Amen Dunes will being sharing his psyched out works, also at the Hive. At 10:30 Nobunny will be tearing it up at Contemporary Art Museum, followed by Danny Brown at 11:30. Laurel Halo will also be playing at 11:30 at Kings Barcade, and Colin Stetson will be at the Pour House, but I'm pretty stoked on Danny Brown lately so it'll be tough to pull me from that show. At 12:30am Doldrums will be breathing final life into the parties at Five Star while Balam Acab gets his dirty on at Kings Barcade.

And there you have it, my full letter of intent at Hopscotch this year. If you're planning on making it out to the fest and see any of us bopping around at the shows, please say hi! I'll be the guy with a bad haircut and a lipring looking like he's seizing on the dancefloor.
[All photos © Audrey Melton]
A concise schedule that sums up all of the above:

09:00p Young Magic @ Memorial Auditorium
09:00p Jenny Besetzt @ White Collar Crime
10:00p Gross Ghost @ Berkley Cafe
10:00p Deerhoof @ Memorial Auditorium
11:00p Boy Friend @ Berkley Cafe
11:30p Screaming Females @ Lincoln Theatre
11:30p Cities Aviv @ The Pour House
12:00p Julia Holter @ Long View Center
12:00p Liars @ Memorial Auditorium
12:30p Thee Oh Sees @ Contemporary Art Museum
12:30p Trash Talk @ Lincoln Theatre

Day Parties:
12:00p-5:00p PBR, Port Merch, CAM/now, and Raleigh Denim Present: The Love Language & Friends NC BBQ Jam + HOOPscotch @ Contemporary Art Museum (ft. The Love Language, Lonnie Walker, The American West, The Lollipops, and DJ SPCL GST)

12:00p-5:00p Blurt Magazine & Schoolkids Records Hopscotch Day Party @ Deep South (ft. Jenny Besetzt @ 12:00, Lazy Janes @ 1:00, Toddlers @ 2:00, Old Bricks @ 3:00, Gross Ghost @ 4:00)

12:00p-5:00p Grip Tapes Daywalker Disco @ The Hive (ft. Libraries, Juan Juevos, Miss Eaves, RBTS WIN & Heads on Sticks)

12:00p-5:30p Churchkey Records and The Layabout Present: Que Viva! @ Slim's (ft. Spider Bags, Cheater Slicks, Hacienda, Last Year's Men, Flesh Wounds and The Wigg Report)

06:55p Built to Spill @ Raleigh City Plaza
08:45p The Jesus and Mary Chain @ Raleigh City Plaza
10:00p Big Troubles @ Berkeley Cafe
10:30p Wowser Bowser @ Contemporary Art Museum
11:00p Azure Ray @ Long View Center
11:00p Yo La Tengo @ Memorial Auditorium
11:00p Roomrunner @ Tir na nOg
11:30p Hundred Waters @ Contemporary Art Museum
11:30p Co La @ Five Star
11:30p Zola Jesus @ Lincoln Theatre
12:00a Valient Thorr @ Tir na nOg
12:30a Ital @ Five Star
12:30a Killer Mike @ Lincoln Theatre
12:30a Dan Deacon @ The Pour House

Day Parties:
12:00p-5:00p WXYC Presents a Hopscotch Day Party @ Berkeley Cafe (ft. Guinea Worms, Last Year's Men, Joint D≠, Flesh Wounds & Infeccion)

12:30p-5:30p Phuzz Phest Saturday Shredstorm @ The Hive (ft. Judy Barnes @ 12:30, Estrangers @ 1:30, Ramps @ 2:30, Lonnie Walker @ 3:30, Woodsman @ 4:30)

08:30p The Roots @ Raleigh City Plaza
09:00p The Toddlers @ The Hive
09:30p T0W3RS @ Contemporary Art Museum
10:00p Amen Dunes @ The Hive
10:30p Nobunny @ Contemporary Art Museum
11:30p Danny Brown @ Contemporary Art Museum
11:30p Laurel Halo @ Kings Barcade
11:30p Colin Stetson @ The Pour House
12:00a Class Actress @ The Hive
12:30a Doldrums @ Five Star
12:30a Balam Acab @ Kings Barcade

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