August 3, 2012

Log Across the Washer

Tyler Keene, aka Log Across the Washer, had me hooked with the first line of the email he sent us regarding his album Welcome to the Afternoon, writing "this is a minimal melodic ode to the textural sounds of 60's free jazz". Which is wonderful on its own, but I've just got to register my unreserved excitement at reading "60's free jazz" at the end of a sentence I knew was somehow going to end with something heinous. On first listen Keene's vocals and the Log Across the Washer quickly begins to remind me of the Glands and the extensive contemporary exploration of classical pop in the near south, less produced and less complicated in terms of instrumentation than the enigmatic cult-favorite from the fertile pop-fields of Athens, GA, but with all the shred and dissonance that they kept out of their recordings. The Glands communicated a range of structuring emotions in the dynamic between vocal delivery and instrumentation, whereas Keene is perhaps enough on his own that in spite of gorgeous melodies his personality will puncture the boundary between himself and any meditating structures. In this case that structure is his very beautiful album-testament, Welcome to the Afternoon, exhorting "the textural sounds of 60's free  jazz" and the union of those textures with a refined pop-sensibility, evoking a more liberated iteration of the Glands and - not to harp on melodies - a more tightly wound, melody-dense Silver Apples. 

Stream: Log Across the Washer - Shredding Heads of Baby Dolls
Welcome to the Afternoon is available for whatever you'd like to pay on Keene's bandcamp.

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