August 29, 2012

Los & Jealous (Screwed & Chopped)

ZionSyon is a radio DJ for San Angelo, TX's KIXY 94.7 FM; and apparently also a fan of OG Che$$, whom I can't get enough of lately. This is particularly cool since homeboy works for a Top 40 station, some love that I'm sure Che$$ enjoys. Syon hit me up last night with his chopped & screwed cut of Che$$'s "Los & Jealous". I recently posted the video for this track, and in the video Che$$ actually slows the track down, but it's interesting hearing ZionSyon's rendition; slowed more than before with just enough rubberbands and pops to keep it trippy without going overboard. At the very least it's another piece to collect while we wait for Chess Moves Vol. 2.

MP3: OG Che$$ - Los & Jealous (Screwed & Chopped by ZionSyon)

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