August 14, 2012

Minstrel Rock

Nova Scotian art students Old and Weird have recently released a tape via Craft Singles, a Halifax-based cassingles label (with a fun website). The single features "Minstrel Rock" on the A-side and "Fan Song" on the B-side; both tracks are short garage-rock ditties with a little 60s flair that Andrew March (the proprietor of Craft Singles) recorded himself using all analog gear and mixing at Echo Chamber in Halifax. I especially love "Minstrel Rock" -- singer Danika Vandersteen croons "I owe it to my friends / to take them seriously" in a lilting but authentic way, reminding me a little of Jemina Pearl of Be Your Own Pet, while the other ladies hold it down with a steady drumbeat and bass, catchy guitar bits, and backup vocals from all scattered throughout.

MP3: Old and Weird - Minstrel Rock
You can purchase the cassingle here, and check out some of their other material (including a recent full-length album) right here.

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