August 10, 2012

Mixtape: Bird Of Prey

I recently got in the mixtape-making-mood (you know the one) and put this little beast together. Bird Of Prey is a mix of sci-fi and hip-hop bangers that will keep your head spinning and your feet moving; perfect for distracted late night dance floor sessions, pondering what we may yet learn about Mars in the next year while some down-to-Earth cutie is twisting their hips only a foot away. Your head is already in the clouds so we just wanna soundtrack it. Featuring a blend of jams from the likes of Egyptology, Supreme Cuts, Haleek Maul, The-Drum, Triad God, OG Che$$, Nguzunguzu, Featureless Ghost, Deniro Farrar, Duchovny & more, Bird Of Prey is all you'll need to get the worm no matter the hour. Stay tuned after the jump for the full tracklist.

Stream/Download: Bird Of Prey mix [mediafire]
Bird Of Prey tracklist:
Carly Rae Jepsen: "Call Me Slowly"
Egyptology: "Orbis Part 4 : Horizons"
Usher: "Climax (Duchovny Remix)"
Supreme Cuts: "Sherm"
Howse: "VBS"
The-Drum: "/GON"
Haleek Maul: "Gully" prod. by Supreme Cuts
Jarv Dee: "The Code" feat. Nacho Picasso
Nacho Picasso x Blue Sky Black Death: "Kickin Out Windows"
OG Che$$: "OGWVNG"
Mandola Jayebe: "Pornication" prod. by Prograham
Egyptology: "Orbis Part 3 : Terraforming"
Beacon: "Feeling's Gone"
Nguzunguzu: "Drop Cage"
Dylo: "Ghost Of Sweet Jones"
Supreme Cuts x Haleek Maul: "The Dummy" feat. Deniro Farrar
Rich-P: "Mr Freeze" feat. Spades; prod. by Kajmir Beats
OG Che$$: "Benzo"
RxRy: "Rapid Descent (dive)"
The Black Regent: "Homage to the Queen"
Xander Harris: "Suburban Gothic"
Triad God: "Rise of Triad God"
Featureless Ghost: "A3R1A 6L0R15"
Purity Ring: "Belispeak (Duchovny Remix)"
Egyptology: "Endless Night in the Eternal Spheres"

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