August 15, 2012

Mixtape: Catamaran's Police & Pursuit Mix

September 4th, in less than a month, Gold Robot Records will release New Goth Gypsies, New York based electro-noise beat-maker Catamaran's split 7" with RUMTUM, aka John Hastings of Ohio. While the label puts their finishing touches on that release they managed to get us in touch with Vincent Brunetto, who records as Catamaran. There's no denying that both their sounds are a perfect fit for Decoder and so far toward the perfect range of things in my palette-of-the-moment as to seem nearly flawless, so we were excited when Brunetto offered us the chance to present Police & Pursuit, a dancey mix with forty minutes of smooth beats and immersive electronica. He describes the movement of the mix; beginning with the "dead heat and humidity" of the day and moving toward the "cool and fun" of the night, ending with Zimmer's energetic 2011 single "Cruisin'". Of course, it all begins with an honest to God police chase.

1. Rimer London - Go Away
2. Hooved - Take Away (Original)
3. Mekanism - Missing Love
4. Levon Vincent - Rainstorm II
5. RUMTUM - New Lands
6. Last Waltz - Trinket
7. Hannulerauri - Zombie Tropicana (Original)
8. Arthur Baker - The Break (Cevin's NYC Peak Mix)
9. Louis la Roche - Fake Tan
10. Tom Trago - Use Me Again (Carl Craig Remix)
11. Mario Basanov - Caribbean Girl
12. Cosmic Kids - Reginald's Groove (CLASSIXX Remix)
13. Zimmer - Cruisin'

You can preorder New Goth Gypsies, slated for a limited pressing on mustard yellow vinyl, from Gold Robot Records. In the meantime, stream/download a couple tracks from the 7" below.

Stream/Download: Police & Pursuit Mix

Stream/Download: RUMTUM - New Lands/Sea Gypsies

Stream/Download: Catamaran - Goth Creep

To download Police & Pursuit, right click and save as here. It's also just beneath this baguette and a ways down that tunnel.

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