August 13, 2012

Mutant Glamour

A couple weeks ago Keith Rankin, aka Giant Claw, previewed his new album with "Empire of Summer", a punchy new synth-workout that seemed to showcase a more tempestuous work than his EP Haunted Planet, where we last met him in April. Taken from his upcoming album Mutant Glamour, out later this month on his own Orange Milk Records, it's a more uptempo number, breathlessly led this way and that by his consistently precocious tonal excursions, the meanderings of various horn samples, and the drawn-out squealing-wheeze of energetic synthesizers. Keith themed this one around the intersection of "mutation, fashion, sex, trash culture, [and] our weird alien bodies...", but in many respects it retains his characteristic sound, with more futurist flare than the noir I would associate with cyber-punk, which that list would better describe to contemporary ears if it included "technology". That isn't to say "noir" is absent, it just requires more projection into Keith's universe to feel; imagine a 22nd century Chicago pier at night built in MineCraft. I'll hold back on too many more album details, but if having gotten the album you only ever listen to one song, make it "LA Christ". Track 5. Six minutes long and the album's second longest, encompassing two discrete movements and one of the most fantastic "slow builds" I've ever heard in a song, bar none. 

Stream: Giant Claw - Empire of Summer
Mutant Glamour ships at the end of this month but you can preorder a copy from Orange Milk Records.

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