August 27, 2012

Photos: Chelsea Wolfe & Pressed And in D.C.

After an exhausting move up to Washington D.C., it took me a few days to recover and get back out to shows and start exploring the wide variety of venues the city has to offer. The first show I attended was at U Street Music Hall, which, unless you have a photo pass, it seems you can’t bring any sort of camera in, but I was instructed by one of my friends that Magic Man was an act I had to see. I listened to the band’s music ahead of time and it sounded alright, so I found myself at U Hall all by myself, sans my camera’s protection from social awkwardness. The place was packed, and unlike a lot of other venue’s crowds that I've experienced, everyone was dancing. Magic Man was a band I instantly felt would be playing festivals in the near future. Capital Cities also had the crowd dancing, and had that very currently relevant saxophone thing going on. The Hood Internet rounded out the night with a DJ set during which I was way too exhausted for, after dancing so hard, so I headed home. That weekend I also attended the first annual Trillectro Music Festival at Half Street Fairgrounds, which I’ll cover in another post... whenever I get the film back.

Now to the good stuff. This past weekend I had the great pleasure of finally seeing Chelsea Wolfe and Pressed And play for the first time. I had only heard wonderful things about Chelsea's live performances, and I definitely enjoy her music, but I still wasn’t sure what to really expect, aside from awesome wardrobe choices. The room was packed tight at the front, and I stood in the same spot waiting for her to play for what seemed like an hour. Worth the wait. Chelsea’s set was very loud, but there was some instant peace that fell over the room when she began to sing. I spent the next hour or so swaying to soothing dark chords. I chatted with the band after they played, and, simply put, they were the nicest people ever.

The next night was my first house show in the city. Pressed And was playing after a lovely very soothing set from Romantic States. Mat of Pressed And started out their set by playing songs by himself that had me and a few other people enticed. After a break in the middle of the set, Andrew joined in for some danceable tunes, and a very fun set to watch as both musicians masterfully were so fully into the music they were creating live. The public transportation had stopped running early that night, in usual city fashion, so I went back to town with some new friends and got soaked in the rain. Stick around after the jump for more photos from both shows.

Chelsea Wolfe
Keeping true to previous band/blog relations, Chelsea Wolfe's merch guy, drummer, and Greg of Marriages pose for photos.
Chelsea Wolfe's band knows how to keep themselves entertained on the road.

Pressed And

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