August 22, 2012

Pitch Black

Damn Chicago, what's in your water? Seems like lately the windy city has been a hotbed of extraordinarily yummy shoegaze music: some of our favorite gazer releases of the year, including the new Lightfoils EP on Saint Marie Records and the new Airiel EP on Shelflife have come out of the town. Andrew Marrah, who has played with Airiel since '09, is also currently recording music as New Canyons with Adam Stilson, and the duo are prepping an new album of impossibly dreamy 80's-inspired rock, Everything is Dark, for release in the fall. Two tracks from the record, "End Colors" and "Pitch Black" are up at their Bandcamp, and if they're any indication, this record is going to be a formidable foe. Stream "Pitch Black" below.

Stream: New Canyons - Pitch Black
Everything is Dark will be released Fall 2012 through BLVD Records/Good People Records

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