August 14, 2012

Premiere: Lame Drivers - Other Side

Their website announces that "Lame Drivers is touring the coasts and recording 50 songs about the apocalypse..." to round out their last ten or so years as a band and in order to populate a formal, debut LP to be funded through a kickstarter page that is ongoing as of today. Lame Drivers is Jason Sigal on guitar and vocal duties, Joe Posner handles bass and vocals as well, and Jeff Wood does drums, though they've generated their own varied iterations over the years, sharing members with other bands, etc; Jason himself currently plays with Home Blitz. A former manager at the Free Music Archive, Sigal got in touch after we started uploading our first contributions to the collection. His time there left a mark and he reports that he "grew up on freeform radio and even if you already know a good bit about it, most of us would benefit from a refresher.

That background has made Lame Drivers a dynamic band with as diverse a history as any person (your complicated friend for instance), pop-rock done at various levels of "lo-fi" and done well at that. They've pulled the concepts that inform freeform radio and the FMA's charter further into their doings by making most of their music freely available, opened up by the proper Creative Commons license (they have a good retrospective on FMA called Cruisin' Classics, with 27 tracks showcasing their history from 2003-2010). The youtube video below is a an absolutely ridiculous fake ad some Norwegian students made with a Lame Drivers tune (I'm hoping it was a class project).

Having said all that, I'm proud to share the first single from their debut "real LP" on the vinylz, sporting artwork from San Francisco artist Sarah Hotchkiss. "Other Side" was recorded by Matt Tong from Bloc Party at his wonderfully named studio, Exploded Drawing. Check out their kickstarter for some more info about the LP, but there are some incredible perks, including a "Flexi-Disc Series" showcasing some songs exclusive to that format and artwork from Umman Turkoglu, Keenan Marshall Keller, some more from Sarah Hotchkiss, and Mayuko Fujino.

MP3: Lame Drivers - Other Side
Help make Other Side a reality by contributing to the band's project at kickstarter.

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