August 23, 2012


London-based duo Deekie (which is comprised of "Mr. L" and "Neets") just released a new single, Rush, via Melodica Recordings. "Rush" and the accompanying "Must Not Be Mentioned" are lo-fi excursions into misty, twilight melodies and gentle rhythms; in a vocal style not dissimilar from Claudia Gonson of The Magnetic Fields, or even Nico, Neets sings "The rush / of splitting hearts in two" while soft pulsations and dusty synth vibrations carry you along like a handmade raft on a slow-moving river. The b-side, "Must Not Be Mentioned", sees Deekie exploring more experimental territory. Stream "Rush" below, and keep your eye out for more tracks from this lovely pair. They're coming.

You can buy the single for a couple of bucks from Melodica Recordings. You can also head over to their bandcamp to check out a bunch of awesome previous material!

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