August 2, 2012

Shigeto & Exray's - Yellow Light (Remix)

Having successfully released their new album Trust a Robot via Howell's Transmitter on June 26, San Francisco synth-pop duo Exray's also managed a quick interstate collaboration with producer Zach Saginaw, aka Shigeto, thanks to Devonwho's connecting of all parties involved during one of Zach's shows in the Bay. According to Jon Bernson of Exray's they sent stems for their song "Yellow Light" after a short exchange and "he flipped the beat, the hook and the vocal samples then sent it back to us... we added bassline and synth parts" and then, because they're all such consummate professionals, "sent it back to him for building inspection". Skittering beats and deep bass notes advance in the original's place with the new sheen of casio fringes on the old synths; a more playfully ambivalent excursion than I think Bernson and Exray's partner Michael Falsetto-Mapp might have gone after on their own. (via The Bay Bridged)

MP3: Shigeto & Exray's - Yellow Light (Remix)
Buy Trust a Robot via Howell's Transmitter and check out Shigeto's most recent single, "Huron River Drive", released on Ghostly International.

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