August 30, 2012

Silver Runner

Newly-Californianed (I just coined that term) and always friendly label Moon Glyph just hatched their 45th release, Leisure BirdsGlobe Master, a psych-garage concept album about an unknown entity who travels from "the outermost dimensions of the galaxy" before descending to Earth. The tracklist follows the being's travel from departure to descent, starting with the almost 9 minute-long "SETI Signals" and culminating with the album's title track. Sides A and B are on 12" vinyl while C and D appear on an accompanying 7"; the latter, titled Sonvs Universvm, is made up of "planetary tones" to commemorate the being's journey. 

Following the upward slant of the first track, "Silver Runner" (named after the chosen mode of transport of our intergalactic friend) might be my favorite, with its sly bass lines, echoing vocals, sci-fi loops, and creeping keys. Whoever or whatever this being is, it's definitely hotboxing its Silver Runner while stars and planets float by the windows. Other time-and-space-warping highlights include "Egyptian Ring" and "Guardians Of Time", though the record is obviously best when listened to all the way through. Leisure Birds currently dwells in Minneapolis and consists of Jake Luck (who also created the beautiful album art), Alex Achen, Collin Gorman Weiland (who did the engineering and mixing), and Cory Carlson. "Ceres Fall. Saturn Shatter. Fall To Earth. Rise Globe Master."

You can grab a copy of the record for $12 (that's so cheap, and it includes the 7" and a digital download!) right here

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