August 30, 2012

Slip Away

I'd like to introduce you to some friends of mine: Fashions, a Brooklyn-based band that's really not like all the others. Comprised of Matthew Maclaren, Jonathan Hudak, and Lepaux, Fashions just released their debut single after meticulously crafting it for over a year. The track, "Slip Away", features David Wood from TEENS helping out on vocals, and a group of children they've dubbed the "Fashions Children's Choir" —  Maclaren informs me that they found kids to sing for them via Craigslist (which is hilariously creepy, not to mention the fact that the choir is crooning "No one will ever come to our funeral"). "Slip Away" is a huge, thick slice of electronic pop, made up of a gleeful mixture of the macabre and the ebullient; it clocks in at over 5 minutes and the attention to detail all the way through makes for a lush, enthralling listening experience. Maclaren's rhythmic vocals paired with smooth, whirling disco beats sounds so professional, I can't believe I was hanging out with him in art school a couple of years ago —  though it really shouldn't surprise me, because both he and Hudak have always taken their various crafts (videography, illustration, painting, music) seriously, to the extent that they immediately moved to NYC after graduation, filled with rare, raw determination to create something genuine. The lyrics in "Slip Away" ("We have ideas to go outside / but that would mean we have to try / it seems so hard to get ahead / so we say hey, let's stay in bed") make it the perfect dancefloor jam, everyone sweating out their problems together.

MP3: Fashions - Slip Away

You can check them out online via Bandcamp, Facebook, and their website, where each button in the site navigation is an amazing remake of a well-known album cover. You can expect their next single in about three weeks.

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