August 2, 2012


The homies at Clan Destine Records recently announced Statement, a new four-way split LP from Dirty Beaches, Ela Orleans, US Girls & Slim Twig. All four are among my favorite psych-garage rockers out there. Dirty Beaches put on one of my favorite shows at SXSW in 2011, Ela Orleans crafts some of the most delightful garage pop I've heard, US Girls have a slightly more punk vibe that's still easy to do the twist to, and I recently became keen on Slim Twig with his There's A Secret To Your Pleasure 7" on Calico Corp., the label he formed last year with US Girls. Interestingly enough, Dirty Beaches and Ela Orleans have done a split together already on La Station Radar & Atelier Ciseaux, while US Girls and Slim Twig have also already teamed up for a split on Palmist Records. We've been offered up a sample from each artist's contribution to Statement that shows a great deal of diversity from song to song, though the tracks are still tied together in sheer pop delight.

Stream: Statement excerpts
Statement drops August 10, but is available to pre-order now via Clan Destine.

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