August 20, 2012

Stream: Centipede Hz + "Today's Supernatural" video

No one anywhere seems to be talking about it, but Animal Collective have a new album coming out soon. Last Thursday night they posted the thrilling circus-fuck of a video for "Today's Supernatural". Again, no one has talked about it at all so you can watch the video above for the first time ever anywhere that exists. Last night the band closed out the month of weekly radio sessions at with a stream of Centipede Hz in full, which you can still check out. The album is even separated into tracks for all you jumpers out there. I've seen some respected homies saying they feel this one is too much Avey Tare and not enough Panda Bear, but I kind of had the opposite gripe with MPP. I'm beyond thrilled to hear Avey's awkward yelps gracing my ears once more.

Stream Centipede Hz in full at Centipede Radio
Centipede Hz drops September 4 via Domino, and is available now to pre-order.

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