August 17, 2012

Tall Tales of Europe

I don't really have enough information to offer any kind of full assessment of this, but God knows it's interesting; "City is my new album. I've released it 3 times over the last 8 months, each time with new beats and a sharply improved mix". Released "3 times" is something I hear infrequently enough, presumably it'd more often be seen to constitute some kind of an "administrative error", but I knew that Don Cash's latest was an amazing addition to his expanding discography after hearing only the second iteration. New digital production tools have made the Toronto rapper's music into an entirely different animal, fidelity elevated with much tighter track mixing, the previously familiar sound of acoustic tracks absent. His incredible album with Spring Break Tapes, Epic, is a good place to compare from. I'll supply all the necessary links so that you can grab up Ed. #3 before it changes, but here's my favorite cut in the meantime. "Tall Tales of Europe" was inspired during the course of a European tour and subsequently "re-interpreted in dream verse". Don and I both anticipate millions for this one... God willing it won't be of some devalued currency. "Make a million in weeks" and "raise a toast to the east".

MP3: Don Cash - Tall Tales of Europe
Download the rest of City here, but keep up with Don Cash on his soundcloud.

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