August 25, 2012

The Bird Call

Zach Burba is an Arizona bred "DIY veteran"; Christian Filardo from Holy Page is adamant about that. I think we both may have first heard iJi around 2004 on his myspace page, when surfing for music on myspace still seemed palatable. Of course, he's got a nice iJi facebook these days and I can't help but remember when I chose not to switch to facebook. Burba has been prolific and released far and wide (Lost Sound Tapes, Offtempo, and he self-released the last iJi album Yerself on vinyl), so instead of stringing together the nouns in some pithy way I'll let Burba's facebook text extemporate because I like it better: "Zach Burba made a lot of different songs with a lot of different people. At one time he lived in Tempe, Arizona but now he lives in Seattle, Washington and plays with a band of seagulls." I think seagulls can be swapped out with "loads of different people" as his facebook text continues with a list of the names of several dozen "seagulls". One day someone will say it and mean it (I whisper, disappointed), as much as the playful lilt of Burba's vocals and tropical flourishes might otherwise leave the impression intact on his recent tape with Holy Page, World of Gecko. His first new recordings since the self-released Yerself continue a tremendous evolution that's carried him toward his current iteration as a "pop jazz powerhouse", says Filardo (I agree loudly, with seagulls, and predict that Burba's evolution won't soon stop). Though World of Gecko may not be as full bodied and boisterous as Yerself, its more modest conception is realized with an artful intimacy, sounds and songs tailored to the format and executed as if by a shameless romantic.

Download World of Gecko for free or order it on limited edition cassette at Holy Page.

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