August 14, 2012

The Ghost Sonata

I've been listening to a lot of haunted rap lately, from Haleek Maul to NC's own Deniro Farrar. The one thing tying it all together is the brutally low tones and spacious high ends that seem to give the music a feel of fog drifting slowly over a graveyard while the artists often discuss life's less than thrilling moments. Fayetteville, NC rapper Coin Locker Kid takes all of that darkness and stark honesty and packs it into something much more experimental than the typical rap mixtape, coming off as something I can only describe as skull crushing with emotional tones and emptiness in parts that call to mind o F F Love. The Ghost Sonata is probably the weirdest mixtape I've heard this year, demanding at least one full listen through to take in the full scope of what makes it so uniquely fantastic.

Stream/Download: Coin Locker Kid - The Ghost Sonata

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