August 25, 2012

◊ TR€€K€€P€R TRÒP!ÇÁL€ ◊

I like to imagine having found TR€€K€€P€R through his advocacy of one European currency, but alas, we know the Nashville-based producer by his works and their reception, his psych-tinged beats and bass work gaining nods from Mishka and others. We're a bit late to the trough with his most recent offering, TR€€K€€P€R Tropical Summrr Get Right 4 the Summrr Mixtape EP, but I always find the best summer mixes too late in the season. August is good enough for this one, a tropical diamond (green pineapple? red coconut?) in his catalog with enough eccentric swagger to warm the autumn air.

Stream: TR€€K€€P€R - ◊ TR€€K€€P€R TRÒP!ÇÁL€ ◊
Download the mixtape from TR€€K€€P€R's soundcloud or get it for $5 on "Very Limited Immaculate Cassette Dub + CD" from his bandcamp.

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