August 22, 2012

Uno Mas

We recently began spreading the rumor that we'd be releasing Little Spoon's next album on cassette at Crash Symbols. He left a note in our locker asking us meet him under the bleachers after school today, so we could only assume. In the meantime, however, he's in history class living it up with his buddy Vacation Dad, just remembering the Alamo. Ok, but seriously, the two recently played a show in Phoenix, at the Iambic Alamo, and have announced a live album of the joint set. Vacation Dad creates some soulful grooves while Little Spoon layers on "the little weird samples" throughout. MJ MJ is releasing the whole thing as a photo-album, titled L I V I N, that will collect pictures, stories and some weird sticky stuff they found on VD's sleeping bag to be released with the album on October 13. "Uno Mas" is the first track released from the live album, and since I have Spanish for second period, I can tell you it definitely has us asking for one more.

MP3: Vacation Dad x Little Spoon - Uno Mas
L I V I N is available October 13 via the always rad folks at MJ MJ.

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