August 14, 2012

Unwanted Sounds

[photos by Liz Pavlovic]
Unwanted Sounds is an immediately baleful cassette; it includes a miniature zip-loc bag (the signature of the marginal and utilitarian, being the traditional home of drugs or the very small components that come with larger equipment) with ear-plugs pierced through by black nails. The beautifully silkscreened cardboard box that everything comes in even has "instructions" for their use. Though it almost sounds bourgeois when framed that way, the cassette itself is so abstracted an instance of what is easiest to call  "experimental doom" as to be neither bourgeois nor baleful. In this case, the "doom" was abstracted from "found sounds" and added to with "pulsing drum beats and layer upon layer of saturated, abrasive, unwanted sounds...", accumulating into a dark mass and a panoply of otherwise unregistered noises, re-construing the perception of their failed potential. The cassette originates in an experimental outing by these guys; RACEBANNON, sans "vowels" (ie, vocals)  and "instruments", recording as RCBNNN. I am totally unqualified to comment on them, as such, but God knows it's hard not to respond to something that comes accoutered with:
" old-school photocopied Time Life Science article on noise from 1965, as well as a diagram and instructions for earplugs specially-designed to facilitate in the effective destruction of society's 'unwanted sounds'."
Though Unwanted Sounds isn't for the casual listener and it won't brighten up your morning drive, there's no difficulty in appreciating such a beautifully realized collaboration between label and band.
Unwanted Sounds is available from Auris Apothecary.

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