August 8, 2012

Urban Dust

"While everyone was sleeping Mutant Beat Dance (the production duo of Chicago's Traxx and Beau Wanzer) were in the studio cooking up something nasty. If you know these guys then you know they are out to push music into a different realm every time they work. On this 12" we get two very different songs, the lead cut being driven by 727s, JX-3P bass, and some sampled horns which make this a driving and funky excursion bring you back to another time and place. Sketch III clocks in at around 110 bpms and drives on and on and on, plodding through the depths of your mind while conflicting voices (mis)guide you through your trip. Strictly for the freakz." -Ron Morelli, L.I.E.S.
The horns that Ron from L.I.E.S. mentions in "Urban Dust" from his new 12" with Traxx and Beau Wanzer, aka Mutant Beat Dance, really do pull the whole thing together; only half the length of its b-side "Sketch III", the lead track may be no more discursive, but the duo marshals their samples against a drier backdrop than its more playful follow-up. Interestingly enough, considering the two tracks' names, without those elegantly transportive samples, "Urban Dust" might sound like a more intellectual exercise than "Sketch III" (see what I mean about the names?), which itself plays as much like an anxious but deliberate departure from reality. 

Stream: Mutant Beat Dance - Sketch III (Excerpt)
Mutant Beat Dance's latest 12" can be gotten domestically at All Day Records beginning on Friday and next week internationally from Rush Hour, but if you're in New York you should hit up A1, Halcyon, TTL, Academy Manhattan, or Co-Op 87 for a copy.

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