August 16, 2012

Video: Ital - Culture Clubs

The new video for Ital's track "Culture Clubs" comes about five months after the band circulated a live recording of the track filmed by Aurora Halal last year, this first music video treatment by directors Chris Byler and Sam Adams offers a guest spot from Mykki Blanco and "a lot of dogs". No offense to Mykki Blanco, but in relation to dance music, I think "a lot of dogs" is probably a good message to send. Of course within a minute dogs are peeing on gravestones and foreshadowing a narrative even more dog heavy than I imagined; within two there have been pets adopted and not, a groomer's visited and a dead bird lingered on, with Daniel Martin-McCormick's simple rhythms pausing for a dachsund to bark from his kennel. Within five, Blanco is trying on collars. For a moment Byler and Adams' video seems like it may start to supercede Martin-McCormick's music with its dramatic posing of dogs, juxtaposing the adoption of one cute puppy over dozens of others with the posturing of stronger breeds in a graveyard, though his tense synth-noir is quickly buoyed by the video's longer shots and its lack of human presence outside of Blanco.

Check out Ital's latest from Planet Mu.

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