August 27, 2012

Video: Pacific Pride - The Fruit, Whole

Three-piece Pacific Pride creates what they like to call "angular, no coast-wave" —  I might refer to their genre as garage-psych or maybe 60s-stained garage pop, but it's certainly interesting to imagine waves with no coast (heh, heh). Another thing that's interesting is this video for "The Fruit, Whole", a new single from the Denver-based dudes. Pieced together from found YouTube footage, the video features various decaying foodstuffs and dehydrated fruits, most of them shot using the always-fascinating timelapse method; it also stars a classroom of folks in banana costumes, fun trombone stunts, and some 90s toy nostalgia (Play-Doh accessories and Creepy Crawlers). The song is particularly catchy, with an irresistible mix of T. Rex-esque guitar wails and vocals that skip along with the rhythm perfectly while conjuring mental images of paisley and long hair. Paul Garcia plays a 12-string Univox on the track as well as sings; he says the song was essentially learned/improvised as they recorded it on their 8-track, which lends it a nicely loose and jangly vibe. The psychedelic, surreal, and possibly suggestive lyrics are sung with hypnotizing intent: "If I follow / you home / I'll swallow / the fruit whole". Keep your peepers peeled (like a banana) for their upcoming cassingle on Brooklyn-based label Fire Talk; it's scheduled to come out this November. 

You can also check out some of their previous shtuff at their bandcamp.

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