August 27, 2012

Video Premiere: ERAS - Taxa

ERAS manifests for me at an appropriate time; the indefatigable folks at Terror Bird probably have a funny entry for me in a spreadsheet somewhere with a growing checklist of genres after it, all of which by now would draw a clear line to the LA producer who, according to his label Track Number, "exists in a unique space giving equal reverence to both the DIY noise scene of The Smell and the leftfield hip-hop beats of the Low End Theory/Brainfeeder scene". I imagine "DIY noise" and "beats" as part of Terror Bird's clarifying checklist, though ERAS is most exciting to me as representative of a strain of "pastoral futurism" that seems to resonate in the well-warmed not-pastures of LA and in the near infinity of balmy regions that spreads and thickens as you cross the western desert.

Fresh from the release of his album Portals with Track Number Nathaniel Eras, the man ERAS himself, began to conceptualize a video for its third track, "Taxa", with director Robert Massey. According to Nathaniel...
"We compiled ideas and images, temporary states of being, and symbols rthat would help shape a narrative. These things are derived from the foundation that both influenced the song Taxa and the album Portals. The eyes, the hands, the vale, nature, the eggs, the feminine, the shamanic visionary, transcendence, purification, the search, and discovery. Massey wove this string of concepts into a narrative and supplied color, character, and form."
Maybe it's too much to try and draw connections via this particular song name, but why not; "Taxa" are individual taxons, treated in taxonomy as species of animal or plant groups, but the legacy of Latin is not necessarily so specific as our usage has made it. "Taxa" can be understood as any number of discrete groups of instances of a thing. The genre of the eyes, the hands, the vale, etc. Each is apprehended in succession by the female figure until she and her reflected shaman, standing first behind and then to either side, seem simply to stop. Their ritual of fire and smoke ends and they are lying still; silent, eyes closed, but I suppose not truly in repose or death.

Stream Portals above or click through to the ERAS bandcamp for digital and vinyl ordering info.

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