August 8, 2012

Virgin Blood - Wilt (Orca Life's Drone Remix)

Virgin Blood's album Dreamt My Lover was released on cassette by Holy Page in November and has since sold out, though somewhere in that time Chris Roberts, aka Orca Life, found a moment to remix its opening track "Wilt". The original's gentle vocalizations and delicate ambient backdrop is drawn out, snipped in places, looped in others, into a six minute drone soundscape littered with bits of sound and delicate tones, seemingly culled from the song but perhaps some were collected elsewhere. As much an homage to his friend Felisha Ledesma - who goes by Virgin Blood - as anything else, Roberts' treatment is a gorgeous extension of the possibilities suggested by her shorter original and Dreamt My Lover's whole sequence of short, ambient compositions. 

MP3: Virgin Blood - Wilt (Orca Life's Drone Remix)
Though the tape version is long gone, you can download Dreamt My Lover for free from Holy Page and check out Orca Life on soundcloud.

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