August 29, 2012

Zimusik x Lemonada - The Tides

I don't have many Irish friends, but I try to keep them happy because hell if they aren't all producers and every one of them apt to send in stuff like this periodically. In this case, our acquaintance is name  redacted, the Lemonada of interest to this particular post (there may be others not of interest to this post). Since the first time we spoke, name  redacted's gathered together an impressive and active soundcloud following and poked his head out of a few other familiar projects; including futurist beat label Astro Nautico's whopper of a mixtape, Atlantics Vol. 2. We wrote a little about that when it came out. Zimusik is Kevin Brennan, a friend from Zimbabwe who's lingering in Dublin after finishing up at the same school as name  redacted. Fortunately enough, the two are making good use of the time and just sent us "The Tides",  the first in a projected four-track EP of cassette recorded sample music and beats. Like its namesake, "The Tides" ebbs and flows moodily, alike in their motion though the song is not so relentless; at its end, delicately warped keys radiate warmth in a sampled rain shower.

Stream/Download: Zimusik x Lemonada - The Tides

Follow Lemonada on facebook and check back at Brennan's personal soundcloud for some more tunes.

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